Join Ula Woodason, the Feel Good Coach, and others for 2 hours session of dance-meditation workshop. You will be guided to take on a music and movement meditation journey that will allow you to reconnect with your heart centre and take your attention away from mind and direct it into your body.This will allow you to free yourself from mind worrying thinking and put focus on thoughts of joy and playfulness.
Come and connect with other ladies in warm and safe environment. Join us for Life celebration evening. You will dance your feet off. You are going to have fun! If you don’t do your dance, who will?
Through the workshop you will be guided to first relax your body and mind and then you will be introduced to three principles/practices that Ula uses in her coaching programs but put in content of self-awareness trough dance. You will explore practices of self-love, authenticity, and playfulness.

Two aspects of the “Rise in Dance” workshop:

Meditation – people think that meditation is sitting in lotus position and making Om sounds but, meditation has many forms. It is anything that takes our focus from there to here, from then to now and from your mind to your body. Meditation allows us to calm our mind and slow our breath. To pause for a moment and notice the things around us. To realise that we are alive in this very moment and chasing any other moments of future or dwelling in past moments are just taking our experience of life away. This very realisation can help us to beat stress, anxiety, depression and bring life into balance.

Dance – Dance if freedom. It’s letting go and surrendering to the music, to the now. Dance is a way of losing ourselves and finding ourselves all at the same time. Dance is healing. Dance and movement with music releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness. It makes life feel better and easier. It takes us into the feeling of our own body and its sensual abilities. It’s a pleasure. It’s a very enjoyable play with this very moment.

Dance Meditation - put music, dance and mediation together which includes the body, movement, breath, intuition and we enter the way of self-knowledge. It’s a subtle entering the door of re-discovery of who we are. It’s remembering ourselves, allowing and accepting, and its very liberating.

We are taking a break now so no classes till October. Please like our FB page to keep updated with new dates and venues. Look forward to seeing you soon and to dance together


“I like the calmness and feeling of freedom. That I took time for myself and now I feel calm and relaxed.”
“I liked the exercises. Even though some were outside of my comfort zone, it was a real confidence booster. I would love it to be a monthly meet up.”
“I loved the free dancing and freedom in expressing ourselves. I feel more positive and relaxed now.”
“I loved to dance, to have space, to open up and connect with people, energy, and Soul. I really enjoyed the workshop.”
“I really liked the fact that I could go out of my comfort zone and see people accepting me the way I am, without being/feeling ashamed.”
“I liked the dancing and relaxing part. Through exercises I realised how tense and self-conscious I am. Thank you.”

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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